meet the



“Don’t philosophise, exercise!”  Sotiris likes sayings, metaphors, and mantras.  You’ll quickly get to learn his library of quirks and perhaps start using them yourselves!  His primary concerns are his member’s well-being and progress, and his Coaches’ development.  He has a lot of qualifications and a load of experience but thinks talking about them is boring.

coach bex

Meet the Coaches!

Bex is a Nutrition Consultant by day and a kick-arse Coach by night!  She’s sometimes called “Aunty Bex” by her class because of her nurturing and caring Coaching style.  She proves that being a fantastic Coach is truly about serving the members.

coach andy

Meet the Coaches!

Andy is a family man who brings experience from his time with the Royal Marines and competitive martial arts to the table.  While he may seem stern at first his sense of humour quickly becomes impossible to miss, and his fancy dress sense unfortunate to behold.

coach kayleigh

Meet the Coaches!

“Thou she be but little, she is fierce.”  What is 5 foot nothing and can squat your car?  Coach Kayleigh!  Known as “Xena” in the gym, Kayleigh is a CrossFit Level 1 coach and Senior Physiotherapist.  She qualified for the British Weightlifting Championships and came 5th after 1 year of training.  Don’t be scared though!  She’s only angry when she’s hungry so bring some snacks with you, just in case!

coach lydia


Lydia, AKA “#”, made the transition to Coach from a highly competitive member who regularly out-lifts the boys.  She proves that the best kind of Coach comes from within the community.

coach paulina


Paulina arrived in L. Spa from Poland in 2017 and even before she found a house she turned up at the gym and got a workout in!  An extremely competitive athlete, a dedicated Coach, and a specialist on the Rower. 

coach stevie

Coach Steven

Stevie defuses bombs for a living…seriously.  When he’s trying not to blow himself up he offers the only Foreign Language class in the Midlands.  Don’t worry though, his impenetrable Scottish accent comes with subtitles!

coach laure


Bio coming soon..

coach Emily

Meet the Coaches!

Meet our Kids’ Club Coach! With a PGCE in biology and a PhD in exercise physiology, Emily may be the most qualified Coach in the Midlands! She also runs a dance school for children and adults in Warwick.

coach tor

Meet the Coaches!

Tor works for CrossFit Leamington as our media guru and in-house Nutrition Coach – specialising in weight-loss and sports nutrition. Tor is a qualified Level 3 Nutrition Coach, and is working towards a PN Level 1 Sports Nutrition certification with Precision Nutrition. In her free time you can expect to find Tor behind a camera or upside down!