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foundation course offer

For a limited time we are offering new members a £100 discount on our Private Foundation Course for those interested in attending our 9:30 morning classes! After becoming a fully-fledged member, you will have access to our 9:30AM classes for your first 3 months – then access to our full schedule thereafter.

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Start your fitness journey at Crossfit Leamington by enrolling on our mid-morning foundation course offer. Our morning classes are a great way to get you feeling invigorated and energised for the day ahead, and for a limited time we are offering a 50% discount on our foundation course for anyone looking to start their day off the right way at our 9:30AM classes. 

There is a lot to learn when starting CrossFit, so we’ve programmed a fantastic foundation course that’s delivered purely as a technique workshop.  Once completed you will then be able to attend our 9:30AM class for your first 3 months, and then our full schedule of classes thereafter.

Why join Crossfit Leamington?


Top class coaching

Our Coaches will guide you through every aspect of your class. You do not need any prior experience or fitness level!


Fun & Effective Workouts

Every class is different and designed to give you a full body workout.


Friendly community

CrossFit Leamington has a unique, friendly, and supportive community, that helps you stick to your routine and provides support when you need it.


Learn new skills

There is always something new to challenge and drive you in our classes. Mastering the handstand, lifting a barbell, or learning to squat are just a few of the skills you can learn to help you develop strength, flexibility, and over all fitness.


Adapted to suit you

Every single workout and movement can be adapted to best suit your needs. The majority of our members are beginners, and therefore require a number of adaptations to remain safe, but to keep working hard and enjoying it!

Concept 2 rowers

fully equipped gym

We have invested heavily in providing our members with all of the latest and greatest fitness equipment and as a result are the best equipped CrossFit gym in the Midlands!

“It’s so rewarding when you think ‘I’ll never achieve that’, and then you do and you start seeing the changes!”

Nutrition Challenge

Mandy Cunningham

Crossfit Leamington Member

I was amazed to find such a friendly and encouraging group of people right on my doorstep. Absolutely loving the workouts and seeing my fitness improve already

Nutrition Challenge

James Munro

Crossfit Leamington Member

Everyone is really friendly and welcoming, and 2 months in I can really feel the benefits already. I’m so much more mobile in every day life & I’ve lost half a stone which is a bonus. I highly recommend CFL!

Nutrition Challenge

Kate Marsden

Crossfit Leamington Member