crossfit leamington


step 1 - learn the foundations

To become a member you must first complete a Foundation Course.  There is a lot to learn when starting CrossFit, and rather than rushing you through the movements in a busy class we’ve programmed a fantastic course that’s delivered purely as a technique workshop. There is no exercise involved, and no test! Once completed you will then be able to attend any CrossFit classes.

step 2 - choose a membership

Now that you’ve completed your Foundation Course it’s time to decide which membership suits you.  This is something that the Coaches can help you with, so please ask us if you’d like any advice on a training frequency that would work for you.

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Private Foundation​

5 x 1 hour private classes​ (£40 p/hour)

Our Foundation Course is where it all begins. It is mandatory for anyone who has never done CrossFit before to help you to develop the necessary skills properly and safely.  In order to get the most out our classes you have to understand the movements, and we have to understand the way you move.  These 5 classes introduce you to the basics of Squatting, Pressing, Pullups, the Olympic Lifts, and Gymnastics.  They’re also a fantastic opportunity for us to assess you on an individual basis.  


CFL taster

20 min consultation + 40 min session

Our CFL taster is a unique experience! After a 20 minute consultation, you’ll join a Group Class accompanied by your own private Coach. While you won’t be ready to do the full movements, your Coach will be there throughout the entire session helping you to scale and adapt the workouts so they will be achievable and fun. The idea of this class is not to just to give you a great workout, it’s to immerse you in our culture so you can make an informed decision about signing up to our Foundation Course.





unlimited classes




3 classes per week




2 classes per week


Private Coaching

1-2-1 classes


block of 10

to be used within 45 days